Antique Chocolates

Antique Chocolates introduces the best chocolate bars and barks in the Caribbean.


Made with high quality chocolate, our bars are a seductive and luxury pleasure, blended with natural ingredients, fruits and nuts.


Dark Chocolate: 58% cocoa, smooth and balanced flavor.


Milk Chocolate: creamy, silky, tasty, with hints of vanilla.


White Chocolate: Elegant, suave… it will melt in your mouth!


Our bars have NO chemicals, NO additives or NO artificial preservatives.

About Antique Chocolates

Antique Chocolates prepares the best artisan chocolates in the Caribbean. Located in
San Juan, Puerto Rico, Antique Chocolates makes Truffles, Hand-Dipped and
Molded pieces with fine ingredients, combining classic and innovative flavors.


Irresistible assortments of dark, white and milk chocolate for any special occasion… Enjoy
the experience!


Feel free to contact us at or call us at 787 316 5244.



Where to Find Us

Antique Chocolates

1406 Americo Miranda

San Juan, PR 00921

Phone: +1 787 316 5244





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